Paul Vilchez

About Me

I am an engineering facilitator - that is, my job is to help a company's engineering organization perform at their best.

I do this by fostering a high trust environment amongst team members - underpinned by good communication - empowering engineers to take risks and grow.

I care about developing high-performance humans, and I'm really proud that folks trust me enough to reach out for professional or career guidance even long after we've worked together.


  • 13 years software development experience
  • 7 years lead/management experience
  • 6 years coaching experience
  • 5 years nonprofit Board Director experience


"[Paul is] a strong leader: he leads by example, supports his team, and consistently takes the time to coach and mentor his teammates and direct reports."

- Adrian Duyzer, CTO @ Parallel

"One of the standout qualities of Paul is his ability to seamlessly combine leadership with camaraderie. Even in a managerial position, he never shied away from diving deep into technical discussions or joining hands-on brainstorming sessions."

- Andrew Noble, Team Lead @ Vehikl

"Paul embodies the ideal balance between a leader and a mentor. He allowed us the space to work independently, fostering a trusting environment, yet was always available for guidance when needed. His management style was a refreshing departure from micromanagement, empowering us to take ownership of our work."

- Aayush Desai, Engineer @ Carenet Health

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