The gist:

I’m Paul Vilchez, a software engineering manager based in Hamilton, Ontario. I love to work at the intersection of business, design, and software.

The long story:

Development is absolutely a passion of mine – if I had a different career I would be hacking away on side projects in my spare time.

I’ve been very fortunate to call this my profession; I’ve been even luckier to work on great teams with great clients. Since graduating from the University of Guelph’s Systems & Computing Engineering program, I’ve worked on highly visible projects – from Canada’s premiere sports brands to global heathtech products.

I’ve also witnessed the breakneck pace of web development evolution firsthand over the years; having worked on everything from legacy PHP backends to complex Rails applications and modern React.JS frontends, there’s always something new to learn and that keeps me going.

When I’m not creating websites, APIs or services, there’s a good chance you’ll find me at the gym. I am an NCCP Certified Weightlifting coach and I started Hamilton Barbell to share my love of the sport with as many people as I can. The formula for success in weightlifting is not unlike development: set a goal; devise a strategy; and execute. It is incredibly rewarding to be a part of athletes’ successes.